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Title:Breadfruit Survey
The languages of northern Ambrym
Contributor (consultant):Alice Maglin Toka
Elsie Taso
Saksak Joel
Willie Salong Tangou
Contributor (researcher):Michael Franjieh
Description:This bundle contains recordings and picture from the breadfruit survey. This collection is inspired by one of the first publications about the North Ambrym language by Rev. Charles Murray, a missionary to North Ambrym in the late 1800s. He published a list of 65 breadfruit terms in the language of North Ambrym in 1894 in the Journal of the Polynesian Society. Ambrym has one of the largest diversity of breadfruit species in Vanuatu. There are five audio recordings of freelists of breadfruit terms in the North Ambyrm language: BFS_AT1_freelist (rec: 04/08/2017) BFS_ET1_freelist (rec: 04/08/2017) BFS_IB1_freelist (rec: 28/07/2017) BFS_SJ1_freelist (rec: 28/07/2017) BFS_WS1_freelist (rec: 30/07/2017) There are three recordings based on Murray (1894). His list of terms was checked with two speaker of North Ambrym Isaiah Bong, and Saksak Joel (the latter also elicited in Fanbyak language). These recordings include checking the terms in Murray (1894), giving an explanation of the meaning of the name, and description of the breadfruit and its uses. BFS_SJ1_breadfruit_murray (rec: 30/07/2017) BFS_IB1_breadfruit_murray_1 (rec: 28/07/2017) BFS_IB1_breadfruit_murray_2 (rec: 04/08/2017) Finally there are 74 photos of eight different breadfruit cultivars in the language of North Ambrym with vernacular names included in the filenames. These photos have been taken according to advice from Dr. Diane Ragone from the Breadfruit Institute from the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Hawai'i. The eight breadfruit cultivars are 'larur', 'wonwon', 'muang', 'hvil', 'keberr a Mwelib', 'karo', 'beta merr', and 'beta yal'. The original article by Charles Murray can now be found online at the Journal of the Polynesian Society. It is advisable to have this when listening to the audio recordings which check th enames in his list: Murray, C. 1894. Varieties of Breadfruit, New Hebrides. Journal of the Polynesian Society. Vol 3, no. 1. p36. http://www.jps.auckland.ac.nz/document/?wid=196 File Description: This bundle includes eight audio files and 74 pictures.
Born in Fanbyak. Lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Willit, father from Fanbak
Born in Faramsu, lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Lolibwe, Father from Batimwel (SE Pentecost)
Born in Faramsu lives in Port Vila. Mother from Fanbyak, Father from Fanbyak Speaks English a little Deceased: 2017
Born in Paama, lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Haworr, Father from Orkon Understands SE Ambrym and
IGS0084, IPD0216
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1193428%23
species identification
North Ambrym language
Bislama language
Subject (ISO639):mmg


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Citation: Alice Maglin Toka (consultant); Elsie Taso (consultant); Saksak Joel (consultant); Willie Salong Tangou (consultant); Michael Franjieh (researcher). 2017-07-28. Endangered Languages Archive.
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