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Title:Classifier Experiments: Context Questions
The languages of northern Ambrym
Contributor (consultant):Bong Mial
Ephraim Hari
Gemgem Sandy
George Andrew
Isaiah Bong
Jake Lohu
Sandy Totang
Willie Salong Tangou
Worrworr John
Freddy Bong
Contributor (researcher):Michael Franjieh
Description:This bundle contains recordings of translations of sentences from Bislama to North Ambrym. Each sentence is based around a different contextual use of a possession. This is to test whether a particular noun may appear with different possessive classifiers. The majority of nouns tested are unable to change classifier. The results of this experiment are discussed in: Franjieh, Michael. 2016. Indirect Possessive Hosts in North Ambrym: Evidence for Gender. Oceanic Linguistics. 55:1. pp 87-115. File Description: This bundle contains ten audio files from ten different participants along with PDFs of the translations from the original field notes. The filenames have a CLE prefix meaning Classifier Experiment, followed by the speaker ID, finally followed by CQ for context questions. There is also a PDF file of the original question list in Bislama: CLE_CQ_questions The following is the file list of the audio files with the dates of recording: CLE_BM1_CQ: 02/09/11 CLE_EH1_CQ: 15/08/11 CLE_FB1_CQ: 02/09/11 CLE_GA1_CQ: 16/08/11 CLE_GS1_CQ: 08/09/11 CLE_IB1_CQ: 09/10/11 CLE_JL1_CQ: 27/09/11 CLE_ST4_CQ: 27/08/11 CLE_WJ1_CQ: 07/09/11 CLE_WS1_CQ: 29/09/11
Born in Ranvetlam (Nobyul clinic), lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanbal (Nuhurrkon lineage), Father from Faramsu (Fanbo lineage)
Born Aure Island (Santo). Lives Ranvetlam. Mother from Melarr. Father from Faramsu/Merongrong. Presbyterian Elder.
Born in Paama (first two years) , lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Ranvetlam/FaramsuFather from Ranvetlam (Fanbyak lineage)
Born in Ranon. Lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanbo, Father from Lele (West Ambrym).
Born Santo. Lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanjewer. Father from Fanbo.
Born in Ranvetlamlives in Ranvetlam, Mother from Ranon, Father from Fanbal professional printer and now truck driver)
Born in Paama, lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Haworr, Father from Orkon Understands SE Ambrym and
Born in Lonoror (nobyul clinic), lives in Lonoror. Mother from Ranvetlam, Father from Lonoror
Born and lives in Ranvetlam. Mother from Fanla, Biological father from Walla, Malakula. Step-father is IB1, of Fanbo lineage
IGS0084, IPD0216
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1204172%23
posessive classifiers
North Ambrym language
Bislama language
English language
Subject (ISO639):mmg


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Citation: Bong Mial (consultant); Ephraim Hari (consultant); Gemgem Sandy (consultant); George Andrew (consultant); Isaiah Bong (consultant); Jake Lohu (consultant); Sandy Totang (consultant); Willie Salong Tangou (consultant); Worrworr John (consultant); Freddy Bong (consultant); Michael Franjieh (researcher). 2011-09-11. Endangered Languages Archive.
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