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Title:Before We Wore Clothes
Ninde documentation and orthographic design project
Contributor (speaker):Letin
Description:Letin describes how people made grass skirts before the introduction of textile clothing to the Mewun. With a completed skirt on her lap, she demonstrates the movements used to roll banana fibres into the tassels that make up the skirt. She bemoans the loss of knowledge, declaring at the end of the video that she is the only one who remembers how to make a traditional skirt.
Letin i talem hao blong mekem grasket long taem we i no gat klos yet. Hem i holem wan grasket we hem i mekem hem finis mo hem i soem olsem wanem olgeta i bin rolem grasket bifo. Hem i sore from se save i go lus. Afta hem i talem se hem i wan nomo we hem i save mekem grasket.
This project is concerned with the documentation of Ninde, a threatened Central Malekula (Oceanic) language spoken in five villages in the South West Bay region of Malekula island of Vanuatu. Ninde is almost entirely undocumented; there is a sketch grammar based on data from one young speaker. The language is spoken by at most 1000 people, and in four of the five villages is not being transmitted to children. One of the immediate goals of this project is the community-led creation of an orthography and possibly even pedagogical materials in order to facilitate Ninde-language education and preserve traditional knowledge.
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1281745%23
Publisher:Caroline Crouch
University of California, Santa Barbara
Subject:Historical narrative
Labo language
Subject (ISO639):mwi


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