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Title:The ritual of wayusa drinking
Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Contributor:Lujina Rivadeneira
Angelina Yumbo
Contributor (consultant):Nelly Chimbo
Betty Chimbo
Contributor (researcher):Karolina Grzech
Description:This project is a part of PhD dissertation fieldwork, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (IGS00166). The dissertation itself will focus on evidentiality in the language, but the documentation aims to encompass as broad a set of linguistic and cultural practices as possible. Most interviews were carried out by native Kichwa researchers, and are therefore monolingual in Kichwa. The topics addressed cover the recent history of the Amazonian Kichwa, folktales, everyday life and ceremonies.
This is a night/morning session of guayusa(wayusa)-drinking, in the house of Lujina and her mother. Or at least that was what I was hoping for. I think in this case my presence influenced them rather strongly, since they arranged themseleves all sort of facing the camera, and Lujina started by telling me that this is an old custom of the people around here, to drink wayusa at dawn. Mostly, it was all about the stories that they told, and not so much about the drinking - I only got a tiny bit at the end, and the others proceeded swiftly to drinking chicha for breakfast. We got to the house sometime around 4:30 AM, and left just before 6, when it was already quite light. I wasn't sure how to classify this session in terms of a communicative event, but going for an "event" was the least cumbersome option. Actually, there is a little conversation, mostly traditional narratives, and than some explanation too. File ev_03072013_01 is like an introduction, where everyone is very much aware of the camera. In ev_03072013_02 the grandma tells a story, but unfortunately I didn't press record when I should have (the only excuse I have is that is was early), so the beggining has been cut out. But I've been recording the voice on zoom throughout the whole session, so this is recoverable. The files _03, _04 and _05 are all of the same story, so they've been merged together in edition into ev_03072013_03. So _04 and _05 are missing in the edited folder. ev_03072013_06 contains some explanation of the previous story, but it's cut in half, and than the life story of Lujina. The voice at the end is, quite obviously, mine. ev_03072013_07 is basically the wrapping up of the morning, when I kept recording but everyone was already waiting for the session to stop, and it was about to stop anytime. I was mainly using the AT825 lavalier, but I also had the NTG2 with the dead cat on. It wasn't picking up very much, and I thought maybe this was because of the batter being low, but I later "discovered" the attenuation was on - the only thing I can say in my defence is that it was pitch dark, so I couldn't really see any of the controls. For now this bundle only contains _01, since only for this recording the transcription and translation was revised.
Main researcher on the project
She works at the indigenous community centre Sinchi Warmi, of which she is a co-founder
She works with her sister at the Sinchi Agua Center
She passed away on 29.07.2013 ; knew little Spanish
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Publisher:Karolina Grzech
SOAS, University of London
Tena Lowland Quichua language
Tena Kichwa
Spanish language
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