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Title:Interview/lifestory of ceda1
Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Contributor:Nilo Andy
Celestina Dahua
Contributor (interviewer):Edwin Shiguango
Contributor (researcher):Karolina Grzech
This project is a part of PhD dissertation fieldwork, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (IGS00166). The dissertation itself will focus on evidentiality in the language, but the documentation aims to encompass as broad a set of linguistic and cultural practices as possible. Most interviews were carried out by native Kichwa researchers, and are therefore monolingual in Kichwa. The topics addressed cover the recent history of the Amazonian Kichwa, folktales, everyday life and ceremonies.
Today's interview is with Señora Rosa, just by the bridge towards Wapa Yaku, a district of Nuevo Paraíso that is further down the road (más abajo). We went there around 12:30 pm, and I was convinced we will be interviewing an old lady, given that Edwin said she can neither read not write and that she said she had many stories to tell. Also, he mentioned that the classes he works on are for "mayores" which for me means "the elderly", but here probably just "adults". Anyway, it was Rosa we were waiting for, and Edwin and Nilo did a really good job interviewing her - at first I was quite confused and it seemed like just a chat, and than Edwin started turning it into something more interview-like. And he even went through the 100-Swadesh list with her, which was brilliant. I have to watch the whole thing and see where that starts. Rosa's is an orphan, and she currently lives in NP with her husband, but he is not the father of her children, which sometimes causes tensions, as he doesn't want to take care of them. I think it was at this point in the interview that she started sobbing. In general, she seemed to be a very nice woman. Of couse when I came back to Lidia's and started converting the videos, Yolanda volunteered the information that Rosa likes to drink a lot, plus comments about how many husbands she has had. That aside, Rosa offered that we come again some time to talk about medicinal plants, so we might do that next week. As for the sociolinguistic aspects of the whole thing, the kids talk to each other in Spanish, and there was a mother's dat card hanging from the ceiling, all in Spanish, written by Rosa's eldest daugther. Rosa mostly talks to them in Spanish, too, although she talked to them only a little while we were there, and it's in the videos as well. Sometimes she says things in Kichwa and it looks like the kids to understand, but for those two hours we've been in the house, they didn't speak Kichwa. As I said, Rosa can't read or write (this probably making here the first non-literate person I am conscious of meeting), so it was only with great difficulty that she wrote her initials on a receipt for me, to certify we've paid for her time. There was a lot of chica drunk throughout the conversation, but I only had a little bit, as usual. Should probably start getting used to it, but if I can postpone it for another while I won't say no. Camera CanonXA10, microphone: RodeNTG2 shotgun. For now, the bundle only contains recordings _01 and _02, which are the ones for which the transcription and translation have been reviewed. There are a total of eight files in this session.
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Interview/life story
life story of ceda1
Tena Lowland Quichua language
Tena Kichwa
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