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Title:Wedding at Barrio Shimbi (Barrio Rodríguez)
Documentation of Tena Kichwa
Contributor:Bartolo Shiguango
Angel Aguinda
Ramón Aguinda
Silverio Vargas
Isaac Aguinda
Samuel Shiguango
Gustavo Shiguango
Jeconías Jumbo
Gisela Cerda
Contributor (consultant):Community members
Contributor (researcher):Karolina Grzech
Description:This project is a part of PhD dissertation fieldwork, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (IGS00166). The dissertation itself will focus on evidentiality in the language, but the documentation aims to encompass as broad a set of linguistic and cultural practices as possible. Most interviews were carried out by native Kichwa researchers, and are therefore monolingual in Kichwa. The topics addressed cover the recent history of the Amazonian Kichwa, folktales, everyday life and ceremonies.
This is the follow-up of ev_29082013 (wedding preparation, notarchived due to permission issues). The wedding took place in Barrio Rodriguez, near Campana Cocha, on the other side of the river from Nuevo Paraíso. I arrived there sometime around 7am, as Nilo told me to, not sure why. Normally, on the weddings, the warmiparti arrives around 10am, and the ceremony can start. Here, they were late, and started arriving shorly before midday, which basically meant haning out until than - all the preps were sort of done before their assumed hour of arrival. Normally, people here are ok with waiting, but this time around the kariparti was getting impatient already, too. The participants that come up in the recordings are: Padrino: Gustavo Shiguango Compaña: Angel Aguinda Drummer: Silverio Vargas Violin: Samuel Shiguango (teacher from Campana) Novio: Jeconias Jumbo Novia: Gisela Cerda? As in the case of the previous one, the recordings exported to transcribe are more of a wishlist than anything else - will have to check with transcribers to see what they feel comfortable doing. In the end, the transcribed bundle contains the following recordings, although the bundle contains 21: _04 Angel Aguinda (anag1) making an announcement _05 Angel Aguinda (anag1) making an announcement cntd _06 Padrino and Compaña talking to the musicians _13 Jokes (Bartolo Shiguango and Ramón Aguinda) Camera: Canon XA10, micrphone Rode NTG2. Recorded in stereo, exported to mono because one channel was mute.
Main researcher on the project
multiple members of the community and invited guests
At the time of the recording, he worked for parroquial authorities as contador (a kind of a bookkeeper)
works as a teacher
He is a virsaru by profession, which means a wedding drummer, who plays and chants, inventing the verse about a particular event as he plays.
Padrino means 'godfather' literally, he is the one responsible for everything going well at a wedding
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI1302276%23
Publisher:Karolina Grzech
SOAS, University of London
Wedding at Barrio Shimbi,Campana Cocha
Tena Lowland Quichua language
Tena Kichwa
Spanish language
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Citation: Karolina Grzech (researcher); Bartolo Shiguango; Community members (consultant); Angel Aguinda; Ramón Aguinda; Silverio Vargas; Isaac Aguinda; Samuel Shiguango; Gustavo Shiguango; Jeconías Jumbo; Gisela Cerda. 2013-08-30. Karolina Grzech.
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