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Title:Temporal sequencing of events
0136-Temporal sequencing of events
A description and documentation of Avatime
Contributor:Charlotte Adzoyo Bakudie (Consultant)
Walter Ray Ofasi (Consultant)
Rebecca Defina (Researcher)
Description:Elicitation looking at how people give information about the temporal order of events. This task was designed by Rebecca during the field trip. One person (the director) watches a short video and the other person (the matcher) has a series of still pictures representing events that happen during the film (with descriptions written on them in Avatime). The two participants sit facing the same direction with a screen between them so neither can see what the other is doing but they can talk. The researcher makes sure that the matcher understands the pictures they have and their descriptions. Then instructs them that the matcher has this set of pictures which are things that happen in the film that the director saw but that they are in the wrong order. So the matcher must ask the director questions in order to determine the correct order of the pictures. Once the matcher has decided on an order, the screen is lifted and the director looks to see if the order is correct and they discuss where they might have gone wrong. In this case Fo Yao watched the Givon chicken film where a man is working on his farm and his wife prepares him food but fails to kill the chicken and so brings him cold bread. He gets angry with her and chases her. Da Adzo first placed the pictures in what she thought was a sensible order and then reordered them a little while talking to Fo Yao. The order she placed the pictures in is: Onyime ese ni yɛ toolsa (the man comes with his tools) Onyime ɛtsa ininyɛ plɛ (the man cuts firewood) ɔdzɛ ɛbahali ininyɛ gi onyime aba tsa plɛ (the woman comes and gathers the firewood that the man cut) ɔdzɛ ɛvịnị biseye (the woman breaks little sticks) ɔdzɛ ɛkpɛ kifuyɛ (the woman makes a fire) ɔdzɛ etse kunio kpɛ silvermɛ (the woman pours water into the pot) ɔdzɛ ese ku ní dɛ (the woman chases the chicken) ɔdzɛ ɛkpɛ si yiye ɔkúkɔlɔ (the woman tries to kill the chicken) ɔdzɛ atsa kiditɔ (the woman cuts something) Onyime awa axwɛna ni ɔnyɔmɛ (the man works on the farm) Onyime ani ɔdzɛ begunuguyɔ (the man and the woman talk) Onyime akɔ yɛ toolsa plɛ oselo su (the man puts his tools against a tree) ɔdzɛ akɔ bidɔŋaŋɛ onyime (the woman takes some food to the man) Onyime ani ɔdzɛ beze kɛsa (the man and the woman sit on the ground) Onyime ese ku ni ɔdzɛ ɔdɛ (the man chases the woman) Da Adzo and Fo Yao talk to each other in Avatime and to Rebecca in English. Fo Yao acts as the director and Da Adzo the matcher. Rebecca gives the instructions and plays the video.
Language_Name: Avatime Language_Region: Africa Language_Country: Ghana Project_Status: Complete Year: 2008 Start_Date: 2008-05-01 End_Date: 2008-12-31
Identifier (URI):https://lat1.lis.soas.ac.uk/ds/asv?openpath=MPI583194%23
Publisher:Saskia Van Putten
Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL)
Subject:Undetermined language
Avatime (Dominant)
English language
Subject (ISO639):und


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Citation: Charlotte Adzoyo Bakudie (Consultant); Walter Ray Ofasi (Consultant); Rebecca Defina (Researcher). 2008-11-14. Saskia Van Putten.
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