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Title:Normally developing subjects, session 1, elicited speech of the children TIM and LIS
The acquisition of finiteness in Dutch- longitudinal study
Anke Jolink
Contributor (annotator):Anke Jolink
Description:Recordings of an elicitation session. The experimenter asked the children to look at a picturebook (with short stories about simple actions and events) and to help her tell the corresponding story. This task appeared to be rather difficult for these young children: they named some of the objects in the pictures but were in general not very talkative. Therefore, the experimenter let the children play with some toy animals afterwards, in order to obtain some additional speech data over their play.
This project is part of the larger research project 'The role of finiteness' and focusses on the acquisition of the structural and functional properties of finiteness in Dutch. The aim of this longitudinal study is to explore the developmental stages in the acquisition of finiteness in 6 normally developing Dutch-learning children and 2 children with Specific Language Impairment.
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The picturebook used in this session was designed to elicit (finite) verbs and particles like 'ook' (too/ as well), 'nog' (another), 'nog een keer' (again, once more), 'weer' (again) and 'nog steeds' (still).
Publisher:Anke Jolink
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Dutch language
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Citation: ANK; TIM; LIS; Anke Jolink; Anke Jolink (annotator). 2003-01-09. Anke Jolink.
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