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Title:SLI subjects, session 3, elicited speech from the child JOR
The acquisition of finiteness in Dutch- longitudinal study
Anke Jolink
Contributor (annotator):Anke Jolink
Description:Recordings of a session in which the child was asked to watch 6 short elicitation videos and to comment on what happens in these videos. After having completed this task, the child had speech therapy. This therapy session was recorded as well.
This project is part of the larger research project 'The role of finiteness' and focusses on the acquisition of the structural and functional properties of finiteness in Dutch. The aim of this longitudinal study is to explore the developmental stages in the acquisition of finiteness in 6 normally developing Dutch-learning children and 2 children with Specific Language Impairment.
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The elicitation videos used in this session depicted actions like washing, eating, jumping, etc., and were designed to elicit verb-containing utterances. Some of the videos were played two times in order to give the child enough time to process the events depicted in the films. JOR was quite talkative. After the task was completed, speech therapist HIL asked him to repeat sentences after her. These sentences all had the structure: NP- 'gaat'- Vnf .
JOR is in a special (nursery) school for children with language- and speech difficulties.
Publisher:Anke Jolink
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Dutch language
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Citation: ANK; JOR; HIL; Anke Jolink; Anke Jolink (annotator). 2003-01-09. Anke Jolink.
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