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Title:Pesca com Timbó (Timbo fishing)
Organization of a Text Collection in Trumai, Aiming at its Scientific Documentation
Description:ENGLISH: Series of photos (2002) presenting general aspects of the Timbo-fishing. Timbo is a kind of poisonous plant. It is cut into pieces, which are tied up and put into a very small lagoon (which is formed when the level of the river sinks during the dry season). The pieces of Timbo are hit with a stick, causing the poison to come out and mix with the water. The fish in the small lagoon become weak and start floating or swimming slowly. Then women can catch them with the help of a little net or sieve, while men use arrows. The photos of this session illustrate aspects of this kind of fishing. There are comments for each photo. For further details, see also the video RG02Timbo. ----- PORTUGUÊS: Série de fotos (2002) apresentando aspectos gerais da pescaria com timbó, um tipo de planta venenosa. O timbó é cortado em pedaços, que são amarrados e colocados em uma pequena lagoa (que se forma quando o nível do rio desce durante a estação da seca). Os pedaços de timbó são então batidos com um pedaço de pau, fazendo com que seu veneno saia e se misture à água. Os peixes na pequena lagoa ficam fracos e começam a boiar ou a nadar devagar. As mulheres então os pegam com pequenas redes ou peneiras, enquanto os homens usam flechas. As fotos dessa sessão ilustram aspectos deste tipo de pescaria. Há comentários para cada foto.
The purpose of the project is to document Trumai, a genetically isolate language spoken in Brazil. The archive consists of a collection of texts in the language, plus other kinds of materials relative to the Trumai culture, such as photos, drawings, songs, educational materials, etc.
Series of photos (from 2002) made by the researcher Raquel Guirardello-Damian, showing general aspects of the Timbo-fishing. For each photo, there is a caption in Portuguese and English.
For each photo, there is a caption in Portuguese and English.
The series contains photos taken by the researcher. The individuals who appear in the photos are members of the Trumai people (from the Boa Esperança and Terra Preta villages).
Raquel is a Brazilian linguist. She has been working with the Trumai people since 1989. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Rice University (Houston, Texas, U.S.A).
Documentation of Trumai
Publisher:Raquel Guirardello-Damian
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Trumai culture
Portuguese language
English language
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