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Rob van Son
Contributor (annotator):Rob van Son
Contributor (interviewer):Rob van Son
Description:This file was generated from an IMDI 1.9 file and transformed to IMDI 3.0. The substructure of Genre is replaced by two elements named "Genre" and "SubGenre". The original content of Genre substructure was: Interactional = 'Unspecified', Discursive = 'Unspecified', Performance = 'Unspecified'. These values have been added as Keys to the Content information.
Keys Legend Fieldname Type Description Sex CHAR(1) Sex (F/M) Age INT2 Age (years) IDcode TEXT IDcode (XX) Height INT2 Height (cm) Weight INT2 Weight (kg) FL CHAR(3) First Language SL CHAR(3) Bilingual, Second Language PoB TEXT Place of Birth PS TEXT Primary school SS TEXT Secundary school TS TEXT Tertiary school PE TEXT Parental education Sm INT2 smoking, cigarets/day [0 <1 1-4 >4] => less than 0, 1, 5, 999 Al INT2 alcohol, glasses/week [0 <4 4-8 >8] => less than 0, 4, 9, 999 Md CHAR(1) medication, y/n SH CHAR(1) Speaking or Hearing problems Pr CHAR(1) presentation ST CHAR(1) Speech Training Si CHAR(1) singing lessons Ph CHAR(1) phonetics/logopedics Tl CHAR(1) telephone work Date CHAR(6) Date of recording Code TEXT Recording ID Lcd INT2 Recording level CD-R Lvcr INT2 Recording level VCR G INT2 Gauge noise/tone level settings (dB) Speech TEXT Speech types/styles HMMpos FLOAT4 Position Head Mounted Microphone (cm) HMMatt INT2 Specific attenuation Head Mounted Microphone (dB) Att INT2 Attenuation both microphones (dB) Hinst INT2 Instabillity of Head Mounted Microphone position (0: stable, 9: unstable) Remarks TEXT Remarks on recordings
F40L, 2, V , Y , VariableSyllable nog waar pah toen leuk rist een nug wij nguh feest tuh straa gaan zelfs ik weer dag hep kin bau tij al hooft voor trum kul kaa felt huis zet ah loo gee goet stih tsie boo hah mur gus voel uit muh sen duur pompt door bie ront vol ties burgt heel zaa tur kon lus vee tog heh vroeg jaa tijt van nie muu twee bur stoh wer zjuh vaa puh kong sgool par ging eer soe uur steets wee prie boekt heeft iers baan vlieg kom ij fruid laas greh see is bij toe dur nuh juh speel lang ven zelf bleek stat ving dat sep noo op sgijts lunsj ments moest dih tem werk mee duh wuh en weest zelv zuh tjus hart glij hau vie au prak men want saa or groo wing bee ie an groot noemt raa ag suh dus plijn meer koop iets drui ons af taa om sie ee leu sgiet kan
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Publisher:Rob van Son
University of Amsterdam, Institute of Phonetic Sciences
Subject:Dutch language
Subject (ISO639):nld


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Citation: F40L; Rob van Son (interviewer); Rob van Son; Rob van Son (annotator). 2002-11-01. Rob van Son.
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