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Title:elicitation of COMPL kata, types of subordinates, minor sentence types, coordination, word order, Focus, Ordinals, NEG+TAM+word classes
Description of Sri Lanka Malay
Contributor (consultant):Hamit
Contributor (researcher):Sebastian Nordhoff
Coverage:Sri Lanka
Description:At Hamit's in Hirissagala
Sri Lanka Malay (SLM) is a restructured vernacular of Malay base spoken by at least five different communities in Sri Lanka which has evolved to be significantly divergent from other varieties of Malay due to intimate contact with the dominant languages of Sinhala and Tamil. The Malays in Sri Lanka, whose ancestry include laborers brought by the Dutch and British, as well as soldiers in the Dutch garrison, now constitute 0.3% of the population, numbering some 46,000. (See Ansaldo 2005, 2006, for more on sociohistorical aspects of SLM.)
I am the field worker in Kandy
Nuzrath is the daughter of Farzan and his wife. She was the first informant for grammar. Although her dominant language is Sinhala, she has very acute judgments about subtle differences. Living up in the hills, she was happy to receive linguistic visitors, but her living in Colombo now makes frequent meetings difficult
Publisher:Umberto Ansaldo
Universiteit van Amsterdam
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Sri Lanka Malay
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Citation: Sebastian Nordhoff (researcher); Hamit (consultant). 2005-12-19. Umberto Ansaldo.
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