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Title:Jurtbirrk Music Performance ('Love Songs') 09
Yiwarrunj, yinyman, radbiyi lda mali: Iwaidja and Other Endangered Languages of the Cobourg Peninsula (Australia) in their Cultural Context
Contributor (consultant):Ronnie
Description:Jurtbirrk Music Performance ("Love Songs") at Rruwirk. Ronnie Waraludj: Lead Singer, clapsticks Dick Gameraidj: Singer, clapsticks Lindsay Gameraidj: Singer, clapsticks Archie Brown/Sam Namaruka: Didjeridoo
This project documents, in as full a cultural context as is possible, the Iwaidja language of the Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory, Australia (Iwaidjan language family, non-Pama-Nyungan), still spoken by around 200 people but under increasing threat from English, as well as recording material from other languages of the region (Marrgu, Ilgar/ Garig, Amurdak and Manangkari) which are all reduced to one or two speakers each. In addition to linguists, the research team will include specialists in ethnomusicology, material culture / archaeology, and social anthropology, and will result in a comprehensive, searchable and browsable sound and video documentation, with Iwaidja transcriptions and subtitles alongside English translations, an Iwaidja dictionary of around 5,000 words, detailed phonetic analysis, and briefer materials on other languages of the area.
Jurtbirrk Music Performance ("Love Songs") at Rruwirk. Ronnie Waraludj: Lead Singer, clapsticks Dick Gameraidj: Singer, clapsticks Lindsay Gameraidj: Singer, clapsticks Archie Brown/Sam Namaruka: Didjeridoo
Ronnie Waraludj was born at Cape Don in 1955. He moved to Minjilang as a child and attended the mission school on Croker Island. After another brief period at Cape Don in the early sixties he moved back to Croker Island permanently.
Sam was born at Minjilang on Croker Island in 1944. As young man he worked at the timber mill at Ingbarlmun. When the Aboriginal Welfare Department removed the compressor from the mill at Ingbarlmun, forcing many people there to relocate, Sam took up a job in forestry and has travelled widely assisting with tree-planting programs. He is now based at Rruwirrk Outstation on Croker Island.
Dick Gameraidj was born 1.7.49 at Ingbarlmun. He spent most of his childhood on Goulburn Island living with his mother and stepfather, and attended the local primary school. As a young man he trained as a builder at the Technical School at Yirrkala. After a few years building houses on Goulburn, he moved to Minjilang, where he was reunited with his father, David Gameraidj, who passed on his repertoire of Itpi-itpi songs (the Mawng equivalent of Jurtbirrk) to him before he died. Dick is now teaching his father’s songs to his own sons at Minjilang.
Lindsay was born in 1978 in Darwin, and has lived most of his life at Minjilang on Croker Island. Lindsay is one of a younger generation who plays music from two cultures. He composes contemporary music, and sings and plays western instruments in ‘The Bininj Band’, as well as continuing on in the Itpi-itpi tradition of his father Dick, and his grandfather David. He is learning Jurtbirrk from sitting in on song sessions in Minjilang.
Archie Brown was born at Minarri, one of Reuben Cooper’s timber mills at the eastern end of the Cobourg Peninsula in 1941. As a young man he spent time working in Darwin, before moving to Croker, where he worked at the mission as a butcher and mechanic. He remains based at Minjilang today.
Publisher:Nicholas Evans
University of Melbourne
Jurtbirrk Music performance
English language
Iwaidja language
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Citation: Bruce; Ronnie (consultant); Sam (consultant); Dick (consultant); Lindsay (consultant); Archie (consultant); Linda. 2004-10-27. Nicholas Evans.
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