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De taalsituatie van Surinaamse kinderen op de basisschool in Nederland
Contributor (interviewer):Dorian
Contributor (speaker):Anes
Description:Recording took place during primary school hours (08:30 AM-03:30 PM) at a primary school in a separate classroom. Recording was done by Dorian de Haan in 1983. This is a continuation of DBD DH 052C.
Goal of this project is to get a clear view of the command of Sarnami and/or Sranan of primary school children of Suriname origin and to study their command of Dutch.
Dorian de Haan talks with 2 boys, Anes and Naunshed, about Ramadan, the Mosque, Urdu language course, the languages they speak and in which situations they use which language, Suriname (where they both were born), what they thought of the Netherlands when they arrived here, and Desi Bouterse.
Dorian de Haan is the coordinator/collector of this project. She is of Dutch origin. She works at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, at the Developmental Psychology department.
Anes is of Sarnami Hindustani origin. He is born in Suriname where he lived in Paramaribo. He went to the 2nd form of primary school when he came to the Netherlands. Currently he is in the last form and next year he'll go to the MAVO. He is the oldest of 3, and his mother is pregnant with her 4th child. At home they speak Dutch, Sarnami and Sranan, but mostly Dutch. His parents talk Sranan with each other, but Dutch with their children. His siblings don't speak the Suriname languages very well. In Suriname he spoke Dutch at school and Sarnami at home. With his friends and cousins he speaks Sranan and Sarnami. With the Suriname girls in his class he doesn’t speak Sarnami or Sranan, but Dutch. He finds being a mechanic a nice profession. Same boy as in 20A, 20B, 20C, 24D, 28C, 37B & 52C.
Naunshed is of Sarnami Hindustani origin. He is born in Suriname and has been in the Netherlands for 8 years. At home they speak Sarnami and sometimes Dutch. His younger sister prefers to speak Dutch. He takes Urdu language course and also goes to Islamic school. He finds Arabic more difficult to learn than Urdu. According to him Urdu and Sarnami are a bit similar. He is not on Dorian's list of informants. Same boy as in 52C.
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Citation: Dorian; Dorian (interviewer); Anes (speaker); Naunshed (speaker). 1983. The Language Archive at the MPI for Psycholinguistics.
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