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Title:Photos of the Trumai village in 1938
Organization of a Text Collection in Trumai, Aiming at its Scientific Documentation
Contributor:Buell Quain
Contributor (translator):Raquel
Description:ENGLISH: This session is the same as session Quain38Photo, but it additionally contains the original photos in JPEG format. ----- PORTUGUÊS: Essa sessão é a mesma que a sessão Quain38Photo, mas adicionalmente contém as fotos originais em formato JPEG.
The purpose of the project is to document Trumai, a genetically isolate language spoken in Brazil. The archive consists of a collection of texts in the language, plus other kinds of materials relative to the Trumai culture, such as photos, drawings, songs, educational materials, etc.
Series of photos, taken in 1938 by Buell Quain, in the Trumai village.
The original captions were written in English. They were also translated into Portuguese.
The participants in the photos are individuals who lived in the Trumai village in 1938. Quain mention the name of some of them, but various are not identified. He wrote captions for each photo, in English. Raquel Guirardello-Damian translated them into Portuguese.
Raquel is a Brazilian linguist. She has been working with the Trumai people since 1989. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Rice University (Houston, Texas, U.S.A).
The photos were taken by Buell Quain, who is already deceased. The original photos belong to the Department of Anthropology of the Museu Nacional (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). The current copy is under the responsability of Raquel Guirardello-Damian.
A copy of the CD with the photos was given to Raquel Guirardello-Damian by a researcher of Museu Nacional (Dr. Franchetto). Raquel has permission from Museu Nacional to incorporate these photos in the Trumai archive.
The field notes of Quain were edited and published posthumously by Murphy, in 1955.
Documentation of Trumai
Publisher:Raquel Guirardello-Damian
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Subject:Secondary document
Trumai tradition
English language
Portuguese language
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Citation: Raquel (translator); Buell Quain. 1938-07-01. Raquel Guirardello-Damian.
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