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Documenting Totoli, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Contributor:Sonja Riesberg
Ibrahim Saudah
Ikhsan Djamri
Nikolaus Himmelmann
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Totoli ist eine Sprache, die im nördlichen Zentral-Sulawesi gesprochen wird. Obwohl sie üblicherweise als eine Sprache der Tomini-Tolitoli Gruppe bezeichnet wird, ist ihre genetische Abstammung unklar. Sie besitzt einige einzigartige strukturelle Charakteristika, die eine besondere Rolle in der Geschichte der austronesischen Valenzsysteme spielen (voice and applicatives). Obwohl die Sprechergemeinschaft heute eine muslimische Gesellschaft ist, die sich an den Werten des modernen indonesischen Mainstreams orientiert, haben die älteren Sprecher eine Reihe von Sprechritualen früherer Kulturformen bewahrt; dazu gehört auch eine Form eines verbalen Kampfes, der "Lelegesan" genannt wird. In diesem Projekt wird besonderes Gewicht auf die Einbeziehung von Daten aus Konversation in die Dokumentation gelegt, da dieses Genre meist in den Dokumentationen von Minoritätensprachen in Indonesien fehlt. Ein anderes Ziel ist die Vermittlung von Kompetenz im Bereich der Sprachdokumentation durch lokale und nationale Workshops in Indonesien.
Totoli is a language of northern Central Sulawesi still spoken by at most 5000 speakers. Although it is commonly named as a member of the Tomini-Tolitoli group, its genetic affiliation is unclear. It has some apparently unique structural characteristics which are of central importance to the history of Austronesian valency changing systems (voice and applicatives). While the Totoli speech community nowadays is a Muslim society adhering to the values and aspirations of the modern Indonesian mainstream, the older speakers still master a broad variety of verbal arts, including a form of verbal battling called “lelegesan”. In this project a special effort is being made to include conversational materials in the documentation as this genre is mostly missing in the existing documentations of minority languages in Indonesia. Another aim is a contribution to capacity building in the domain of language documentation through local and national workshops in Indonesia.
There were also Hj. Abdul Fatta and Hakim present, of whom we don't have more personal data, aswell as other persons in the background.
SR is a PhD Student in the Totoli documentation project.
Pak Ibrahim was the head of the departement for tourist affairs and before that head of the departement of education in Toli-Toli. He is now retired, but still active as "Ketua dewan adat" (chairman of the council for local traditions). He is married to Ibu Hj. Nurseha Bantilan and has five adult children. He claims to speak Bugis, Jawa, Kaili and English in addition to Totoli and Indonesian.
Bapak Zaharman is a Totoli speaker and writer for RRI, working as a freelance journalist also for various media (print, radio, TV) and as a videographer for family events (marriage, funeral, etc.) - is the the producer of the VCD of the funeral of the raja’s first wife 16JUL06 and has also covered the marriage of Djono’s daughter for which another video documentation exists and has been copied for the archive (3 VCD) - Totoli news broadcast daily at 5 pm, 10-30 minutes long, depending on "Nachrichtenlage" - small honorarium paid for by RRI Tolitoli as part of their regionalization efforts - knows NH from his visits to Ahmad Nasir’s house in Palu in 1993 where he was staying at the time, studying technology at a Palu university (not UNTAD), dropping out after six semesters to become a freelance journalist - married to a Buginese woman, 2 children (girls), expecting a third one any day in July 2006 - claims to use Indonesian, Bugis and Totoli at home, also with the children. Wife is said to understand and speak Totoli - parents both Totoli(?), born in Nalu where he also went to the SD where Bapak Tauhid, a major contributor to the Totoli section in Himmelmann 2001), was the head teacher.
Pak Ikhsan is a gvernment employee in Nalu, he works as the secretary of the local village chief. He often is invited to speak at traditional Totoli weddings, because he is known as a fluent speaker who also knows the adat istiadat very well.
NH is the head of the Totoli language documentation project.
Publisher:Nikolaus Himmelmann; Claudia Leto; Sonja Riesberg
Universität zu Köln, Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
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Citation: Sonja Riesberg; Ibrahim Saudah; Zaharman; Ikhsan Djamri; Nikolaus Himmelmann. 2009-08-13. Nikolaus Himmelmann; Claudia Leto; Sonja Riesberg.
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