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A Description and Documentation of Avatime
Contributor (recorder):Sammy
Contributor (speaker):Sammy
Contributor (translator):Adzoyo
Description:Sammy recorded a conversation between himself and two friends of his, Eric and Vida who are husband and wife. They talk about things they need to do on Eric's farm, about the outdoor celebrations, mutual friends and us.
The Avatime project aims to describe and document Avatime. The researchers involved in this project are Rebecca Defina and Saskia van Putten. The project included fieldwork in Ghana in 2008 and was completed in 2009. Outcomes of the project are: (1) audio and video recordings of different genres, of which 13,5 hours have been transcribed and annotated, (2) an Avatime-English wordlist, (3) grammar notes and (4) two Master's theses, one on the expression of motion in Avatime (Saskia van Putten) and one on aspect and mood in Avatime (Rebecca Defina).
The three friends start out talking about how they need to put a new fence around Eric's farm and what they need to do for that, they greet and talk with several mutual friends who pass by, they talk about us, the researchers, who are staying with Sammy and they talk about the celebrations that have happened for the outdooring of the new paramount chief and the ones that are about to take place.
Everything is in Avatime, though there is some code switching into English.
Sammy is recording the conversation and taking part in it, he is talking with his two friends Eric and Vida who are husband and wife. There are also several other people on the recording who walk past and greet these three.
Sammy was one of our main informants for this project. He was born in Vane and has lived there most of his life. He has also spent some time in Accra. He speaks good English and Ewe.
Eric of Sammy and lives in Vane. He is the husband of Vida and father of Abitele.
Da Adzo was one of our main consultants. She has helped us transcribe and translate recordings, helped us in elicitation sessions and gave us cultural information. She was born in Vane, moved to Accra after she got married and moved back to Vane at 62.
Vida is a friend of Sammy. She is the wife of Eric and the mother of Abitele. She lives in Vane
The recording was made using a Marantz PMD flash recorder. The recording is mono, 16 bit and 48 kHz.
This ELAN file only contains the segments used to transcribe the conversation. There is a partial transcription in conv_SO-ErA-VA.doc there is more transcribed in my notebook unfortunately it still needs to be typed up.
This is a partial transcription of the conversation with the numbers here indicating the segment in the ELAN file. Unfortunately this is only a small segment and most of this transcription is still untyped in my notebook. I hope to get a chance to type it up soon.
Publisher:Saskia van Putten and Rebecca Defina
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Avatime language
English language
Subject (ISO639):avn


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Citation: Sammy (speaker); Eric (speaker); Adzoyo (translator); Vida (speaker); Sammy (recorder). 2008-09-25. Saskia van Putten and Rebecca Defina.
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