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giving directions
Documentation of Hoocąk
Juliane Lindenlaub
Iren Hartmann
Coverage:United States
Description:This recording was made indoors.
The overall goal of the project is the documentation and preservation of the Hoocąk language. The project therefore includes the following sub-projects: (1) (audio- and video-)recording, analysing, processing and archiving a representative corpus of Hoocąk texts, (2) linguistic analysis and representation of texts that have previously been recorded by other linguists or anthropologists, (3) development of a comprehensive and linguistically consistent lexicon, (4) training of Hoocąk language instructors, (5) development of teaching material (6) further analyses (e.g. investigation of dialectal differences among Wisconsin and Nebraska Hoocąks)
There are two participants in this recording: the speaker (speaker 1) and another one who mainly acts as hearer (speaker 2). The speaker is describing/giving instructions on how to get from place A (the Language Center in Mauston, WI) to place B (junction Arlington Ave and Crescent St. in Mauston). Prior to the recording he is given a map of Mauston where the route is already drawn in. The "hearer" is also given a copy of this map. He is asked to draw in the route described by the speaker. The "hearer" sometimes interacts with the speaker (e.g. asking to repeat something, or confirming that he has found it on the map).
Hoocąk is the primary language used in this session. However, there are some sentences in English at the beginning of the text (following the greeting) that explain why the text is being produced.
MS15 grew up in Winnebago, Nebraska and stayed there all his life except for 10 years when he lived further down South in NE. He would not say of himself that he is a fluent speaker. Although his father and his mother were fluent speakers, and MS15 aquired the language as a child, he did not use it again before the early 1980s. He refused to participate as speaker in this recording because he thinks he isn't speaking the language "well enough". He used to be a custodian at a public school, and is now working as a language instructor at pre school and head start. He has also given adult lessons.
MS2 originally is from Wisconsin but has spent a number of years in Nebraska (1975-1995, 2002-2005). Both, his father and his mother were fluent speakers. Speakers from Wisconsin say he speaks how they speak. In Nebraska he was employed at Hoocąk Renaissance (Language Division) in Winnebago working as a language instructor in High school as well as in head start. Before that he has worked for the government. He returned to Mauston, WI in 2005 and is now employed at the Hoocąk Language Division as curriculum developer. According to him there are no more than 6 fluent speakers left in NE. MS2 thinks there are only minor differences between NE and WI speech.
JL has been concerned with the Hoocąk language since 2003 and has gained experience in field research.
MS4 is our main consultant and a highly respected elder and Hoocąk speaker. He worked for the movie industry (Hollywood) for 40 years as an actor. MS4 appears in several recordings.
IH's first language is German. She is fluent in English and has good knowledge of Hoocąk.
this file contains the original representation (orthography used by FS15), the text (using the Erfurt orthography), the morphemic gloss and the translation
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Publisher:Johannes Helmbrecht
Regensburg University
give directions
directing so. through a town (Mauston, WI)
Ho-Chunk language
English language
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Citation: MS15; MS2; Juliane Lindenlaub; MS4; Iren Hartmann; Juliane Lindenlaub. 2005-09-16. Johannes Helmbrecht.
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