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Einarbeitung in die Dokumentationslinguistik am Beispiel des Minderico: "An Endangered Language in Portugal"
Contributor:Maria Alzira Achega Roque Gameiro
Celeste Moura
Elsa Nogueira
Contributor (researcher):Vera Ferreira
Sabine Wurm
Description:The lexemes in this word list are directly related to the semantic domain of kinship and stem from the Minderico glossaries published by the community in the past. These words, their meanings and their contexts of use were checked with three language consultants (MD009, MD016 and MD024). Several words, mainly the ones not listed in the existent glossaries, were extracted from the collected material or stem from fieldwork notes by Vera Ferreira. Each word was read aloud by MD024 and is illustrated with examples from the collected data.
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Annette Endruschat is funded to specialize in documentary linguistics by documenting the language and culture of the town of Minde, in the centre of Portugal with a population of 3380. Minderico is only spoken in Minde and not in any of the adjacent villages. It has to be regarded as highly endangered, because the number of (active) speakers of Minderico has decreased considerably to only a few hundred in the last three decades. In the recent past Minderico has become more and more restricted to the use in informal situations and Portuguese has developed into the main language of communication throughout the Minde region. There are also a few passive speakers who are able to understand Minderico but who do not use it actively anymore. With this project, it is intended to emphasize that there are also unknown endangered languages in Europe and that the Iberian region is not as homogeneous as the language policy of Portugal would like us to believe. Moreover, this project expects to give an impulse to the documentation of the linguistic and cultural richness in the Romance world, an area widely neglected in Romance studies. That is why this project is based on an intensive cooperation between Romance linguistics and general linguistics and typology.
Place of Birth: Minde Occupation: museologist Maria Alzira Roque Gameiro is one of the members of the Minderico community who speaks Minderico fluently and uses it in every situation. Minderico is the language used in the contact with her mother. She is fully committed to the preservation and revitalization of Minderico and the socio-cultural traditions related to it. She co-organized the last dictionary of Minderico (Piação dos Charales do Ninhou, 2004). She is the director of CAORG (Centro de Artes e Ofícios Roque Gameiro), to which the weaving atelier belongs, and the responsible for the Museu de Aguarela Roque Gameiro. She is also an expert in fauna and flora of Minde.
Place of Birth: Torres Novas Occupation: housewife Celeste Moura was born in Torres Novas (a city 15 km away from Minde) but lived all her life in Minde. Her parents were not mindericos and did not speak the language fluently. She learnt it with the community. She is currently one of the speakers that uses Minderico fluently in every situation. She is fully committed to the preservation and revitalization of Minderico, for instance by collecting the oral traditions of Minde. She also helps actively in the Minderico classes.
Place of Birth: Minde Occupation: notary Elsa Nogueira learnt Minderico, together with Portuguese, as mother tongue. She is currently one of the speakers that uses Minderico fluently in every situation. She is fully committed to the preservation and revitalization of Minderico. She was member of the "Comissão organizadora das Festas do Divino Espírito Santo 2010"
Publisher:Annette Endruschat
Universität Regensburg
Minderico language
Portuguese language
English language
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Citation: Vera Ferreira (researcher); Sabine Wurm (researcher); Maria Alzira Achega Roque Gameiro; Celeste Moura; Elsa Nogueira. 2009-09-28. Annette Endruschat.
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