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A Description and Documentation of Avatime
Contributor (consultant):Esther
Contributor (researcher):Rebecca
Description:Susan and Ester play the lego route description game. It has been audio recorded and video recorded. Fo Yao and Saskia transcribed and translated it. It has been annotated in ELAN.
The Avatime project aims to describe and document Avatime. The researchers involved in this project are Rebecca Defina and Saskia van Putten. The project included fieldwork in Ghana in 2008 and was completed in 2009. Outcomes of the project are: (1) audio and video recordings of different genres, of which 13,5 hours have been transcribed and annotated, (2) an Avatime-English wordlist, (3) grammar notes and (4) two Master's theses, one on the expression of motion in Avatime (Saskia van Putten) and one on aspect and mood in Avatime (Rebecca Defina).
Susan and Esther play the lego route description task. Each of the participants is sitting in front of an abstract duplo town. They cannot see each others towns. The two towns are identical, except that in one there is a chain which symbolizes a path. Each participant also has a duplo doll. The participant who is sitting in front of the town with the chain in it, is the director and the other participant is the matcher. The director has to move the duplo doll along the chain while explaining the route to the matcher, so that the matcher can follow the director's movements with his/her duplo doll. When they are finished, the matcher can look at the director's landscape and the two can discuss what, if anything, went wrong. In this session, two routes were played. The first one is route 1. from the manual, with Susan as the director. The second one is route 3. from the manual, with Esther as the director.
Instructions were given by Rebecca and Saskia in English, but are not on this recording. The game is played in Avatime. In between the two routes, English is spoken by Rebecca and Saskia to ask the girls to switch places.
Susan and Esther play the lego game. Saskia and Rebecca give instructions. Saskia and Fo Yao transcribed and translated it.
Esther is a student at the Junior Secondary School in Vane. She is probably around 14 years old. She grew up in Vane.
Rebecca Defina is one of the researchers in this project. She did her bachelors in Linguistics and Mathematics at the University of Sydney and her research master in Linguistics at Leiden University. She started PhD studies at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in 2010. She grew up in Australia and now lives in the Netherlands.
Saskia van Putten is one of the researchers in this project. She did her bachelor in Languages and Cultures of Africa and her research master in Linguistics, both at Leiden University. She started PhD studies at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in 2009. Saskia grew up and still lives in the Netherlands.
Susan is a student at the Junior Secondary School in Vane. We worked with her several times. She seems to be clever and was very good at all the tasks we have asked her to do. She grew up in Vane.
Fo Yao was one of our main consultants. He helped us transcribe and translate texts, gave us information about cultural practises and helped us in many long elicitation sessions. He was born in Vane and worked as a teacher before he retired. Sadly, he passed away in October 2009.
The recording was made using a JVC Everio digital video camera. The file is saved in MPEG2 format with 3400 kbps video encoding rate and 256 kbps audio encoding rate. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and the size of the video is 352 x 576. It is recorded in PAL format.
The recording was made using a Marantz PMD flash recorder. The recording is mono, 16 bit and 48 kHz.
This toolbox file has been created from the ELAN file in which the recording was originally annotated.
Transcribed and annotated by Fo Yao and Saskia. The ELAN file is linked to both audio and video.
Wilkins, David P. 1999. Table Top Route Description. In David Wilkins (ed.), "Manual" for the 1999 Field Season, 116-139. Nijmegen: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Anthropology Research Group.
Publisher:Saskia van Putten and Rebecca Defina
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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Citation: Esther (consultant); Rebecca (researcher); Saskia (researcher); Susan (consultant); Yao. 2008-10-22. Saskia van Putten and Rebecca Defina.
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