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The documentation of Baure
Contributor (speaker):LO
Description:elicitation with many examples of interrogative clauses; topics: fishing, material culture, domesticated animals
elicitación con muchos ejemplos de claúsulas interrogativas; sujetos: pescar, cultura material, animales de la casa
LO (male) LO was born in 1938 in Baures and is married to GP. Both are fluent Baure speakers and sometimes converse in Baure in everyday live. LO works as a carpenter and as a peasant. He has a lot of knowledge of customs, traditional medicine and beliefs.
LO nació en Baures en 1938 y está casado con GP. Los dos hablan el idioma baure con fluidez y a veces conversan en baure en la vida cotidiana. Trabaja como carpintero y en la agricultura. Tiene muchos conocimientos de las costumbres, creencias y de la medicina tradicional.
Swintha Danielsen is a doctor of linguistics and is practically administrating and organizing the Baure documentation project. She worked already in Baures between 2003 and 2007 and wrote her PhD thesis on the Baure language. Her research foci are the Baure dialects, hisorical dialect formation and Baure language history in general. In addition she is working on specific Baure morphological features and compares them within the whole Arawakan phylum.
ISO 639-3: brg
Publisher:The Documentation of Baure
University of Leipzig
Baure language
Spanish language
Subject (ISO639):brg


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