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The documentation of Baure
Contributor (speaker):RP
Description:The story about a woman who fleas her husband and becomes a partridge and stays with her partridge man.
El cuento de la mujer que huye su esposa para convertirse a una perdiz y vivir con el hombre perdiz.
Baure is a seriously endangered language spoken in Bolivian Amazonia. It is only still spoken by a small number of elderly people, while Spanish is the dominant language in the region. Of the estimated 200 speakers of Baure, only about 50 can be considered fluent speakers and only a handful of speakers are capable of transmitting narratives in the traditional way. The project aims at the documentation of the Baure language and culture in all its diversity. The linguistic research focuses on the comparison of the three dialects of the Baure language, the classifier system, and the expression of spatial relations. The ethnographic work carried out within the project will provide the larger context in which these data should be seen.
RP (female) RP was born in 1932 in the village of Altagracia. She is a sister of EP, JP and GP and married to EC. RP is a fluent Baure-speaker and knows a great number of narratives. In the 60s she worked as an informant for the SIL linguists in the village of El Cairo. RP worked in agriculture and is very experienced in doing handicrafts, such as weaving hammocks or fisher nets.
RP nació en 1932 en la comunidad de Altagracia. Es la hermana de EP, JP y GP y está casada con EC. Habla el idioma baure con mucha fluidez y saber contar un gran número de cuentos. En los años sesenta ella trabajó con las lingüistas del ILV en la comunidad El Cairo. Trabajó en la agricultura y saber producir artesanías como hamacas o redes.
Swintha Danielsen is a doctor of linguistics and is practically administrating and organizing the Baure documentation project. She worked already in Baures between 2003 and 2007 and wrote her PhD thesis on the Baure language. Her research foci are the Baure dialects, hisorical dialect formation and Baure language history in general. In addition she is working on specific Baure morphological features and compares them within the whole Arawakan phylum.
Swintha Danielsen es doctora de lingüística y en practica es la que administra y organiza el proyecto de la documentación del baure. Ella ya trabajaba en Baures entre 2003 y 2007 y escribió su tesis de doctorado sobre la lengua baure. Su investigación en el proyecto se enfoca en los dialectos del baure, la formación de los dialectos en la historia y la historia general de la lengua baure. Además ella estudia las características específicas de la morfología del baure y les compara dentro del phylum Arawak.
ISO 639-3: brg
Publisher:The Documentation of Baure
University of Leipzig
Subject:Baure language
Spanish language
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