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Title:Fred Adekanye describes how to make pounded yam (in Ikaan)
Prosody and gestures in multilingual speakers
Contributor (annotator):Fred Adekanye
Contributor (researcher):Funmi Chang
Sophie Salffner
Contributor (speaker):Fred Adekanye
Description:In this recording, Fred Adekanye describes a series of photographs that show Oni Soji how she prepares pounded yam for her family. He explains all the steps from peeling the yam to taking the pots back into the kitchen. The annotation gives a transcription in Ikaan, free translations into English and Yoruba, general notes and notes on language and grammar.
The project aims to investigate the interplay of gestures and prosodic events in two lesser-studied languages with very different prosody: Iwaidja, a stress-accent language spoken by around 130 speakers in northwestern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia, and Ikaan, a tone language spoken by about 5,000 speakers in Ondo State and Edo State, Nigeria. Iwaidja speakers are bilingual with English as their dominant language - and in many cases a command of further indigenous languages. Ikaan speakers are multilingual, speaking Ikaan, Yoruba, further indigenous languages and English and Pidgin English to varying degrees. The project will compare the way in which gestures and speech are coordinated in the speakers’ two languages, e.g. Iwaidja and English. While cross-linguistic diversity has been documented in speech-accompanying gestures depicting entities and events iconically (McNeill 1992, McNeill & Duncan 2000, Kita & Ozyurek 2003) and studies in second language acquisition have demonstrated how learners’ conceptual representations and gestures change during the acquisition process (Gullberg 2009), the question remains whether cross-linguistic diversity concerning gestures in the languages of the world can lead to “new” gesture inventories/systems in multilingual speakers to the extent it has been documented for new prosodic systems.
Speakers were instructed to use Ikaan but were not stopped from code-switching.
VolkswagenStiftung Project Number: 87 096
Publisher:Ulrike Gut
University of Münster
Picture book
English language
Ukaan language
Yoruba language
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Citation: Funmi Chang (researcher); Fred Adekanye (annotator); Fred Adekanye (speaker); Sophie Salffner (researcher). 2014-11-20. Ulrike Gut.
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