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ERC INTERACT: Delay experiment
Contributor (researcher):Elma Hilbrink
Contributor (speaker):Infant
Description:Delay experiment: Babies - 6 months - 1 second - Standard lighting - Drop-out data. This dataset consists of data collected with the delay machine set-up. In this set-up participants are seated in two separate rooms and interact via screens. Mother and baby both wear headphones. These screens are set-up in such a way that there is direct eye-contact and each sees a life size image of the other. In between the two screens a delay machine Pipeline III is connected, which can introduce a delay in the signal both audio and video from person A to person B. The data consists of interactions, in this set-up between 6-month-old infants and their mothers. Interactions last for 4-5 minutes and a change in timing occurs in the middle of the interaction. Dyads either start with a live interaction zero seconds delay lasting 2 minutes and switch to a delayed interaction 1 second delay also lasting 2 minutes, or vice versa start with 1 second delay for 2 minutes and switch to zero seconds delay for 2 minutes. The age of the tested infants is between 5.5 and 6.5 months with a mean of 6 months. The infants are tested with standard lighting, meaning that the lighting in the room with the infant and the room with the mother is the same the lights at the ceiling are used. These are the drop-out data. Data are classified as drop-out if the infant cries or fusses for more than 30 sec. The experiment is aborted in this case. Data are also classified as drop out due to technical difficulties, such as missing markers, bad recordings etc.
The age of the tested infants is between 5.5 and 6.5 months with a mean of 6 months.
INTERACT (ERC Advanced Grant #269484, principal investigator: Stephen C. Levinson)
Publisher:Elma Hilbrink
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Dutch language
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Citation: Infant (speaker); Mother (speaker); Elma Hilbrink (researcher). 2012-07-31. Elma Hilbrink.
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