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Title:Corpus d'apprentissage Ecofralin
LETEC (Learning and Teaching Corpus) Ecofralin
Access Rights:open access after registration
Audience:Researcher or teachers in educational sciences or linguistics
Bibliographic Citation:Chanier, T., Ciekanski, M., Bacca, J. & López, M-T. (2010). (editors). LETEC (Learning and Teaching Corpus) Ecofralin. Mulce.org : Clermont Université. [oai : mulce.org:mce-ecofralin-letec-all ; http://repository.mulce.org ]
Conforms To:IMS-LD for learning design and research protocol ; IMS-CP for packaging ; Mulce-struct for the SID subpart
Conforms To (URI):http://lrl-diffusion.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulce/metadata/mce_LETECorpus-en.pdf
Contributor (compiler):Ciekanski , Maud ; Bacca , Julia ; Chanier , Thierry ; López , Maria Teresa
Contributor (data_inputter):Zeng , Qingrui
Contributor (depositor):Chanier , Thierry
Contributor (researcher):Ciekanski , Maud ; Bacca , Julia ; Chanier , Thierry ; López , Maria Teresa
Creator:Chanier , Thierry ; Ciekanski , Maud ; Bacca , Julia ; López , Maria Teresa
Date Created (W3CDTF):2010-12-09
Description:This is the Learning and Teaching Corpus of the online educational experiment ECOFRALIN (Echanges COlombie FRAnce en Ligne INterculturels project) conducted by the Universidad Libre Bogota (Bogota, Colombia) (ULB) and Université de Franche-Comté (Besançon, France) (UFC) (2008). The corpus includes the pedagogical scenario, described in several formats, the research protocol, participant's online interactions and productions (structured in XML), list of participants, licences of use.
Please note that some analysis of the pre- and post- questionnaires and of the blogs are done for this corpus. They can be found in the file : /mce-ecofralin-letec-all/content/Analysis/ .
We define a Learning & Teaching Corpus as a structured entity containing all the elements resulting from a communicative on-line learning situation, whose context is described by an educational scenario and a research protocol. The core data collection includes all the interaction data, the productions of the course participants, and the tracks, resulting from the participants’ actions in the learning environment and stored according to the research protocol. In order to be able to be shared, and to respect participant privacy, these data should be anonymised and a license for its use be provided in the corpus. A derived analysis can be linked to a given set of data under consideration, used or computerized for this analysis. An analysis consisting in data annotation/transcription/transformation, accurately connected to its original data, can be merged with the corpus itself, in order for other researchers to compare their own results on a concurrent analysis or to build their complementary analysis upon these results. The definition of a Learning & Teaching Corpus as a whole entity comes from the need of explicit links, between interaction data, context and analyses. This explicit context is crucial for an external researcher to interpret the data and to perform its own analyses. This definition seeks to capture the context of the data stemming from the course in order to allow a researcher to look for, understand and connect this information whether or not he/she was involved in the original course. More details about a LETEC corpus an ist structure at : http://lrl-diffusion.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulce/metadata/mce_LETECorpus-en.pdf
This corpus contains a total of 945 acts, of which 922 are blog acts, 16 are audio acts and 7 are mail acts.
Extent:44.1 Mb + 6.56 Gb (external)
945 acts ; 152758 tokens
Format (IMT):text/html
Has Part:mce-ecofralin-letec-sid
Identifier (URI):http://mulce.univ-bpclermont.fr:8080/PlateFormeMulce/VIEW/PUBLIC/03/VMeta.do?adr=Ecofralin%2FCorpus_objets%2Fmce-ecofralin-letec-all
Language (ISO639):fra
Publisher:Mulce (MULtimodal Corpus Exchange) ; Universite Blaise Pascal ; Clermont-Ferrand:France ; URL:http://mulce.org
References: López, M.T. & Chanier, T. (2008a) Corpus de Aprendizaje: Conformación, Estructura y Construcción de un Corpus Virtual a partir de La Experiencia Ecofralin. Comunicación en el I encuentro internacional de investigación en educación. Institución Universitaria Iberoamericana, 12, 13 y 14 de Noviembre 2008, Bogotá, Colombia
López, M.T. & Chanier, T. (2008b) Corpus de Aprendizaje: Conformación, Estructura y Construcción de un Corpus Virtual a partir de La Experiencia Ecofralin. Comunicación en el V encuentro nacional y I interinstitucional de investigación educativa y pedagógica. Universidad de San Buenaventura. 30 y 31 de Octubre 2008, Bogotá, Colombia.
Rights:Rights holders of this corpus are: Maud Ciekanski ; Julia Bacca ; Thierry Chanier ; Maria Teresa López
Creative Common License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/
Rights (URI):http://lrl-diffusion.univ-bpclermont.fr/mulce/metadata/vdex/mce_licence.xml
Spatial Coverage (ISO3166):FR
Spatial Coverage (TGN):7008356
Subject:French language
Subject (ISO639):fra
Subject (LCSH):Education
Data processing
Computer-assisted instruction
Language and languages
Study and teaching
Subject (OLAC):applied_linguistics
Temporal Coverage:name=Ecofralin course ; start=2008-01-14; end=2008-04-25
Type (DCMI):Dataset
Type (Discourse):dialogue
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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Citation: Chanier , Thierry ; Ciekanski , Maud ; Bacca , Julia ; López , Maria Teresa. 2010. Mulce (MULtimodal Corpus Exchange) ; Universite Blaise Pascal ; Clermont-Ferrand:France ; URL:http://mulce.org.
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