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Title:CNK performs a traditional female discourse routine associated with the making of tortillas.
Lacandón Cultural Heritage
Suzanne Cook and Barry Carlson
Description:This performance was elicited from CNK and her sister CHX, who agreed to demonstrate discourse routine Lacandón women sometimes use while they make tortillas. The household ambience is preserved, with family members going about their daily lives. Chickens and dogs go about their business freely, and their squawking and barking occassionally overlaps the audio recording.
Lacandón Cultural Heritage is a documentation of the language and culture of the northern Lacandón(Maya), who live in the rain forest in Chiapas, the south-eastern state of Mexico. They number approximately 350 men, women and children, who have retained much of their traditional traditional culture and religion. the project serves as a preservative measure against loss of the traditional knowledge, stories, and verbal performances that are central to Lacandón culture. It also serves as an interactive resource tool for linguists and non-linguists to access data relevant to their areas of interest, such as folklore, ethnobotany, cultural anthropology, etc.
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CNK and her sister recite a traditional Lacandón way of speaking that accompanies the task of making tortillas. The event was prompted by us, after learning from AM that Lacandón women had a special way of speaking when they made tortillas. We asked CNK if she knew this type of speech. She did and agreed to perform it for us. The purpose of this recording is to examine the speech of Lacandón women, since it has never been documented.
CNK is one of CK's daughters and the daughter of CK's third wife, KM. She was born in Naha and has lived there all her life. She still ives at home, as do most Lacandón girls before they marry (typically, at 14 years of age). She lives in a tradiitional household with more than mother and, her unmarried siblings, and young neice and nephew. She has helped with the transcription and translation of the text of this performance.
CHX is the youngest daughter of CK and KP. She was born in Naha and has lived there all her life. She still lives at home and helps out with the bulk of household chores
The collectors of this text, Suzanne Cook and Barry Carlson, elicited the narration. They were present during the recording and visible to the narrator.
Publisher:Suzanne Cook and Barry Carlson
University of Victoria
Subject:Yucateco language
Maya, Yucatán
Spanish language
Subject (ISO639):yua


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Citation: CNK; CHX; Suzanne Cook and Barry Carlson. 2000-07-30. Suzanne Cook and Barry Carlson.
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