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Title:Deniz 1, meeting Deniz with research assistent
Talen en Culturen in het Utrechtse Lombok en Transvaal
Deniz's mother
Contributor (annotator):Nadia
Contributor (researcher):Nadia
Description:The researcher already knows Deniz, but meets him at home for the first time. She brings along her research assistant and introduces him to Deniz. The researcher does the recording. During the recording, Deniz's mother is the only other family member who is at home.
Research project carried out between May 1998 and May 2002 by Meertens Instituut (KNAW) and universities of Leiden, Tilburg and Utrecht, supported by NWO and municipality of Utrecht. Information on http://www.lombox.nl/Cultuur/TCULT.html and http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/projecten/TCULT.html
Deniz gets acquainted with the research assistant. In the presence of his mother and the researcher, they chat about several general topics; in the meantime, the goal of the recording sessions is explained to Deniz and his mother.
At the start and at the rounding off of the conversation, the researcher is actively involved in the talk: at these points, Dutch becomes the dominant language of conversation, while some Turkish insertions are made. In the middle of the conversation, however, when the researcher consciously withdraws herself from the talk, Turkish becomes the dominant language of conversation, while some Dutch insertions are made.
The life of the 14 year old Deniz and his family is dominated by football, as both he and his older brother are playing at the highest Dutch level for youth. He is training four evenings a week and plays a match every weekend. He lives in Lombok, is in the fourth grade of MAVO, and visits the same social organization for teenagers as Yusuf does (however, he is in another sub group). He is also visiting the mosque. His father attended university in Turkey and arrived in the Netherlands around the age of 20; his mother arrived as an 8 year old child, finished primary school in the Netherlands, and attended MAVO for some years, but then quit. His mother’s competence in Dutch is very good, and that is the reason why Deniz – according to his self report - speaks more Dutch than Turkish to her at home, while he speaks almost only Turkish to his father. To his older brother, he speaks Dutch only, as he does to his Turkish friends in the street. When they are at his home, he speaks almost only Dutch to his Turkish friends, but in the classroom they use both languages to the same extent. His grandparents on his mother’s side used to live in the Netherlands, but migrated back in Turkey. During the period in which the recordings were made, they came over for a vacation in the Netherlands. He is watching Turkish television almost every day and Dutch television every day. He is never reading any Turkish books, but is reading Dutch books and magazines and newspapers in both languages sometimes. He is never listening to Turkish or Dutch music, but is listening English music every day. After his final exam he wants to start a HBO study in information technology, as computers are his other big passion besides football. He reports that Dutch is both his dominant and preferred language. His scores on the Turkish and Dutch half of the word definition task were 6 and 10 correct items respectively, so he was rated in the category ‘Dutch stronger than Turkish’.
Publisher:P. Muysken
Radboud University Nijmegen
Turkish language
Dutch language
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Citation: Deniz; Nadia (researcher); Nadia (annotator); Deniz's mother; Enes. 2000-11-27. P. Muysken.
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