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Title:Aylin 1, conversation Aylin with friend
Talen en Culturen in het Utrechtse Lombok en Transvaal
Description:Aylin is visiting her friend; they have a long talk in the friend's room.
Research project carried out between May 1998 and May 2002 by Meertens Instituut (KNAW) and universities of Leiden, Tilburg and Utrecht, supported by NWO and municipality of Utrecht. Information on http://www.lombox.nl/Cultuur/TCULT.html and http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/projecten/TCULT.html
The girls are discussing several topics, like their class mates, the friend's photo albums, and boys.
At the start and at the rounding off of the conversation, the researcher is actively involved in the talk: at these points, Dutch becomes the dominant language of conversation, while some Turkish insertions are made. In the middle of the conversation, however, when the researcher consciously withdraws herself from the talk, Turkish becomes the dominant language of conversation, while some Dutch insertions are made.
Aylin moved to Turkey at the age of two, and returned to the Netherlands (Lombok) when she was four. Attended Turkish lessons at primary school for 6 years; did so because she wanted “to learn more Turkish words”, especially liked that her school also participated in Turkish celebrations. Her classmates are almost only non-Turkish, but her friends are only Turkish.She is no member of any club or organization.She does not visit a mosque.She is visiting Turkey for holidays about once in two years.She is watching Turkish television every day, but never watches Dutch television. She is never reading Turkish books, but is reading Dutch books rather often. She is sometimes reading Turkish newspapers and magazines, but is reading Dutch ones often. She is making telephone calls and writing letters or postcards to Turkey often. She is listening to Turkish music every day, never listens to Dutch music and sometimes listens to English music. She is eating Turkish food every day. At the time of the recordings, she had just moved from Lombok to a new housing estate; as she is still visiting the same secondary school at the edge of Lombok, her social network has hardly changed, which made her still a suitable informant. A striking characteristic of Aylin is her “liberal” behavior, not only in religious sense (she does not visit a mosque, nor does she wear a headscarf; however, she is fasting), but in all aspects in her daily life; she talks spontaneously and without any diffidence to one of her teachers about, for instance, the shirt he is wearing, does most of the talking among her classmates, frequently rebels against her parents and squabbles with her older brother. Another illustration is the fact that Aylin is the only informant who did not have problems with making recordings outside the home; on the contrary, she proposed to make some in her classroom as well without being asked.
Publisher:P. Muysken
Radboud University Nijmegen
Turkish language
Dutch language
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