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Title:AER Topological Relations Picture stimulus
Lowland Chontal Documentation
Contributor (consultant):gabriel
Description:Responses to MPI sketch stimulus task "Topological Relations Picture Stimulus", or Bowped (after Melissa Bowerman and Eric Pederson), which collects data about the expression of location and position. This is three of three media files, sketches 41-71, and it includes a fair amount of chatting about other things.
Lowland Chontal Language and Cultural Heritage: A Documentation Project in the district of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. The Lowland Chontal Language and Cultural Heritage Project is a three-year-documentation project (2004-2007), funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (Grant II/80 114) and hosted by the Section of Mesoamerican Studies, Archaeological Institute of the University of Hamburg. The goals of the project are both linguistic and anthropological, with principal investigators Loretta O'Connor (linguist) and Peter Kroefges (anthropologist). These goals include (1) a Chontal-English-Spanish dictionary, (2) a comprehensive description of the grammar of Lowland Chontal, (3) a documentaion of the cultural heritage of the Chontalpa, with respect to traditional subsistence activities, territorial organization, landscape interaction, as well as fiestas and ceremonies, and (4) an electronic archive of all audio and video materials and related texts. This archive includes resources from O'Connor's dissertation project at the University of California at Santa Barbara (1997-2001), and at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen (2002-2004). It also contains data of the archaeological fieldwork (2001) that formed part of the dissertation by Kroefges, and was funded by the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamericanist Studies, Inc. (FAMSI), Florida, and the University at Albany-SUNY. The UNESCO genereously provided additional funding in 2004.
Gabriel was an absolute joy to work with. He was 80 years old the summer we worked together and had been blind for 30 years, having lost the sight in one eye due to accident and in the second due to illness. He and his wife Amancia García Mendoza were very poor and comfortably gracious, or graciously comfortable, in a way that was special to me. I enjoyed just hanging out with Gabriel. His language skills in both Chontal and Spanish and his deadpan delivery, together with the ironic intonation and beautifully timed delivery -- these were things of wonder, only captured in glimpses on the tapes we made. He performed. I listen to these tapes now and kick myself for being distracted with the camera, rather than appreciating the creative language play coming my way. Gabriel died soon after the 2002 summer. I knew because the friend who delivered the photo portraits I had taken arrived at the Rey Reyes house on the day of the funeral. The family told her "to thank that gringa", because the photo I sent was the only one they had of Gabriel. That makes me feel very humble.
Volkwagen Grant II/80 114
Publisher:Loretta O'Connor
University of Hamburg
Topological relations, location
Lowland Oaxaca Chontal language
Chontal de Oaxaca - Costa
Spanish language
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