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Title:Reptiles and Amphibs
Organization of a Text Collection in Trumai, Aiming at its Scientific Documentation
Description:ENGLISH: List with names of amphibs and reptiles, obtained with two Trumai speakers using illustrations from the book "Amphibs and Reptiles of Brazil", by Eurico Santos (1981). In some cases the illustrations from the book made the consultants remember the name of a reptile similar to the one in the illustration (although not exactly the same). Since the Trumai language is endangered and the names of amphibs/reptiles need to be registered, we took note of all the information provided by the consultants. There is no audio recording for this section. The names of snakes were recorded in a separate list (see section RG02Snakes). Several of the names are actually descriptive expressions. ----- PORTUGUÊS: Lista com nomes de anfíbios e répteis, obtidas com dois falantes de Trumai, usando ilustrações do livro "Anfíbios e Répteis do Brasil", de Eurico Santos (1981). Em alguns casos as ilustrações do livro fizeram os informantes se lembrar do nome de um réptil semelhante ao da ilustração (embora não exatamente o mesmo). Uma vez que a língua Trumai está ameaçada e que os nomes de anfíbios/répteis precisam ser documentados, anotamos todas as informações fornecidas pelos informantes. Não há gravação de áudio para esta sessão. Os nomes de cobras foram gravados separadamente (veja a sessão RG02Snakes). Vários dos nomes são na verdade termos descritivos.
The purpose of the project is to document Trumai, a genetically isolate language spoken in Brazil. The archive consists of a collection of texts in the language, plus other kinds of materials relative to the Trumai culture, such as photos, drawings, songs, educational materials, etc.
List of names of reptiles and amphibs, obtained with two Trumai consultants in 2002. For the elicitation, we used drawings from a book.
The terms are presented in Trumai, with their translation in Portuguese and English.
The data was provided by two native speakers of Trumai, Speaker2 and Speaker6.
Speaker2 is considered one of the best speakers of the Trumai language. He also has strong knowledge about various aspects of the Trumai culture. He has been living in the city of Canarana since 1996, because of health problems. He lives with his wife and kids. Both his parents were Trumai. Speaker2 is married to a Kamayurá woman, who also speaks Trumai. He is middle-aged, has various kids and grand-kids.
Speaker6 is a native speaker of Trumai. Her mother is Trumai, her father (who died when she was still a child) was Kamayurá. Speaker6 is married to a Waurá man, and has many kids. She is considered a good speaker of Trumai, has good knowledge about mythology and about medicinal plants. She is middle-aged.
Raquel is a Brazilian linguist. She has been working with the Trumai people since 1989. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Rice University (Houston, Texas, U.S.A).
Documentation of Trumai
Publisher:Raquel Guirardello-Damian
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
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Trumai language
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Citation: Speaker2; Speaker6; Raquel. 2002-07-06. Raquel Guirardello-Damian.
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