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Title:'Gemeenzaame leerwyze om het basterd of neger-engelsch op een gemakkelyke wyze te leeren verstaan en spreken'
1798 - Weygandt - Word List
The Early Surinamese Creoles in the Suriname Creole Archive
Contributor (author):G.C. Weygandt
Description:G. C. Weygandt's 'Gemeenzaame leerwyze om het basterd of neger-engelsch op een gemakkelyke wyze te leeren verstaan en spreken' [Informal instruction to easily learn to understand and speak Basterd or Negro-English'] was published in Paramaribo by W. W. Beeldsnijder in 1798. In the preface of the book, the author states that it represents the urban variety of Sranan as opposed to the rural varieties of Sranan, but that the differences between the varieities can be overcome by daily practice. Further, he states that it is intended for newcomers and those who need to be able to speak and understand Sranan in their profession. Moreover, he pleads that only those who understand Sranan will be his judges. The book contains a vocabulary, an idiom, several dialogues and a short descriptive grammar focussing mostly on the verbal system.
From 2005 to present, several scholars at the University of Amsterdam, Leiden and Nijmegen have been collaborating to build a digital archive for the related Surinamese creoles Sranan and Saramaccan, that rivals the Negerhollands database. Upon completion, the Suriname Creole Archive (SUCA) will include some 550,000 Early Sranan and Early Saramaccan tokens.
Not much background information is available on the author, but he worked as an auctioneer of book sin Paramaribo from 1814 to 1821.
Publisher:Prof. Dr. P. Muysken
Centre for Language Studies
Subject:Word List
Dutch language
Sranan Tongo language
Subject (ISO639):nld


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Citation: G.C. Weygandt. 1798. Prof. Dr. P. Muysken.
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