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Title:Visiting Degu-Kai
Documenting Waima'a, East Timor
Contributor (speaker):John Bowden
Maurício Belo/Sabu-Raku
Nikolaus Himmelmann
Coverage:East Timor
Description:Misceallaneous recordings connected with Degu-Kai visit: approaching, leaving, 'metashots'
Waima'a is an endangered Austronesian language spoken in the Baucau district of East Timor. Goal of project is as comprehensive a documentation of communicative events and linguistic metaknowledge as possible. For further details on scope and format of documentation see link below.
tape WMNHVDP14Nov0201.mpg contains 'metashots' such as group approaching, group sitting close by etc (with German and English in off) last minutes on WMNHAD21Nov0201.wav are also more inclusive of NH/JB
others present: Alexander Loch (German psychologist and ethnographer working Teachers' Research and Ressource Center) and a cousin of MB
rudimentary knowledge of Tetum and Portuguese
for further details see his own CV (session: Mauricio_CV) no mothers name because parents were baptized very late, he himself baptized at the age of 17? da Conceição = Saint, Aparício = Godfather (< Luís Aparício Guterres, primary school teachter at the time, new diretór distrito since November 2004 ) was nearly 27 years old when project started One grandparent of Maurício (mother of mother) from Bucoli Knows Malay and Tetum, says that he knows only little Makasae but seems to be able to follow most of everyday interactions; Tetum probably primary language these days, as indicated in language choice father (Raku-Bie) dead mother (Joana Belo/Kasa-Watu) old and nearly deaf, living on hill Kailale Oli which belongs to Parlamento but is very close to the border of Kaisidu; mother does not know any other lg in addition to Waima'a
ca. 60, died 7July 2004, pre-Christian name lives in cave close to hamlet of MB's family, moved there in the mid-70, but probably not or not primarily as a way to evade Indonesian rule but rather as a choice of life-style; has only one older brother who is also unmarried, but lives in a hamlet herds goats, hunts bird, plants tobacco and various other crops (corn?); has some cash income from selling goats and tobacco which allows him to buy rice - uses water dripping from cave ceiling, but occasionally has to go to a river close to the coast (1 hour away?) unclear what languages other than Waima'a he speaks, clearly a bit of Tetum
Order of segments in session file: WMIBVDP17Nov0202.mpg 19:20-23:17 [approaching] WMNHVDP14Nov0201.mpg, WMIBVDP17Nov0202.mpg: 57:01-58:49 [leaving]
maps to degukai_xtra_DAT.wav
VolkswagenStiftung Az.: II/78058
Publisher:Nikolaus Himmelmann
Ruhr-University Bochum, Department of Linguistics
English language
German language
Indonesian language
Tetun Dili language
Tetum Prasa
Waima'a language
Subject (ISO639):eng


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Citation: John Bowden (speaker); Maurício Belo/Sabu-Raku (speaker); Degu-Kai (speaker); Nikolaus Himmelmann (speaker). 2002-11-21. Nikolaus Himmelmann.
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